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Attorneys at Ndh Lawyers Continue to Fight for Sensible Bail Reform That Upholds Constitutional Rights

Dallas LePierre of NDH Lawyers spoke before the State of Connecticut Sentencing Commission, in opposition to a rushed and dangerous bail-reform measure that threatens public safety–all for political expediency. (See the 7:00 minute mark for Mr. LePierre.) Mr. Pierre’s testimony before the Commission comes on the heels of a recent lawsuit filed by attorneys at NDH Lawyers against both the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. (See Lawsuit.) Christie, according to the lawsuit, sacrificed public safety for political expediency by forcing a bail-reform system that both New Jersey law enforcement officials and citizens called a “resounding nightmare.” Christie’s bail reform program routinely assessed violent sexual offenders, and other demonstrably dangerous people, at a near zero risk to the public.

In fact, and as the Complaint demonstrates, the Attorney General of New Jersey has been forced to continually “fix” glaring loopholes that have caused proven violent criminals–who should have never been assessed at a near zero risk to the public–to be released into communities. One such criminal, with a well-documented history of violence, killed Plaintiff’s son under Christie’s forced bailed reform–although the Laura and John Arnold Foundation share equal blame. According to the Complaint, because the Laura and John Arnold Foundation developed and peddled a risk assessment system that failed to take into account basic, common sense criminal criteria such as past sexual assaults and prior felony gun charges–the foundation shares, at least, equal blame for the death of Plaintiff’s son.

For the above reasons, and so many more, Mr. LePierre spoke before the Commission, trying to stop them from making the same fatal mistake that New Jersey made. No State should take the drastic measure of actually amending their own Constitution–thereby striping their constituents of their Constitutional right to monetary bail– to implement an unfocused, unconstitutional, rushed, and incomplete bail-reform system that has proven to cause unnecessary and unwanted public endangerment. Officials simply should not place political expediency over public safety.

This post represents Part I of a three part series on bail reform. Stayed tuned for Part II, which will focus on the history of bail in our country, a history that incorporates the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Monetary bail is a Constitutional right, and although the Supreme Court has placed limitations on that right–it remains a right no less.

Part III address the role of bail reform regarding the undeniable problem of mass incarceration. We will also further discuss the actions taken by attorneys at NDH Lawyers in this area of reform, which undoubtedly implicates fundamental human and civil rights.

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