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  • Cal-Sara, et al. v. Herrig, et al.

    Cal-Sara, et al. v. Sunz, et al.

    Central District of California

    Business litigation that affects the rights of thousands of California low-wage workers. Two lawsuits regarding a fraudulent scheme whereby Defendants are conducting the business of worker’s compensation insurance without license, putting policyholders at great risk. Currently, litigation is on-going at various stages.

  • Carter v. Howard

    Grimes v. Howard

    Middle District of Georgia

    Sexual harassment lawsuit against former Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard. We took these two cases while Howard in office in an effort to create a safe environment in which woman can work free from the dear of unwanted sexual advances.

  • Georgette Sons v. Mobile Police Department et al

    Southern District of Alabama

    Police shooting case. In Alabama, Mobile Police Department’s SWAT used a no knock warrant to enter the home of Ms. Sons, where they fatally shot her sone and also shot her. We allege that both were unarmed and not resisting. Currently, the case is in the pre-suit litigation phase.

  • Gibson-Carter v. RCC, et al.

    Southern District of Georgia

    Racial discrimination in which we represent a district-wide Alderwoman in Savannah, GA regarding her alleged unlawful termination as Executive Director of the Rape Crisis Center. Currently, this case is in discovery.

  • Goddard, et al. v. Consumer Choice Assurance, et al.

    Northern District of Georgia

    Busines fraud case. Lawsuit against individuals and companies engaged in a fraudulent scheme of conning individuals out of millions of dollars with the promise of making it big in the entertainment industry. Currently, this case is in discovery.

  • Green v. Dreaden, et al.

    Middle District of Georgia

    Prison medical denial case. Medical malpractice lawsuit following Georgia prison inmate’s obvious and serious medical risk that culminated, due to failure to provide medical care, in a leg amputation. Currently, this case is in discovery.