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  • Massey v. Conner, et al.

    Middle District of Alabama

    Police shooting case. Officer involved, fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in Eufaula, Alabama. Currently, we are finishing discovery and preparing to file motion that argue we are entitled to a jury trial.

  • Cal-Sara, et al. v. Herrig, et al.

    Cal-Sara, et al. v. Sunz, et al.

    Central District of California

    Business litigation that affects the rights of thousands of California low-wage workers. Two lawsuits regarding a fraudulent scheme whereby Defendants are conducting the business of worker’s compensation insurance without license, putting policyholders at great risk. Currently, litigation is on-going at various stages.

  • Joyner v. City of Atlanta, et al.

    Joyner v. City of Atlanta, et al.

    Northern District of Georgia

    Two lawsuits regarding an unlawful practice by the Atlanta Police Department in which race is the sole factor considered to even be eligible for promotions within the Field Operations Division. To get the position, you must be the race of the outgoing officer you are to replace. Currently, Joyner I is awaiting trial and Joyner II is a class action that is at the class certification stage.

  • Island Jay v. Moteeefe

    Islanf Jay v. Mylocker

    Middle District of Florida

    Business litigation. All litigation regarding the defense of Island Jay’s Trademark against infringement by unscrupulous actors the market, as well as handling all Trademark filings. Currently, multiple cases are pending and we have received judgment for our client in another case.

  • Georgette Sons v. Mobile Police Department et al

    Southern District of Alabama

    Police shooting case. In Alabama, Mobile Police Department’s SWAT used a no knock warrant to enter the home of Ms. Sons, where they fatally shot her sone and also shot her. We allege that both were unarmed and not resisting. Currently, the case is in the pre-suit litigation phase.

  • Johnson v. Dobbins, et al.

    Middle District of Tennessee

    Horrific Solitary confinement case. Lawsuit against Williamson County Jail officials who housed an otherwise healthy male in solitary confinement for 15 months because of a cast on his wrist. Currently this case is in discovery.