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About HDR Law

This Is Our Story

HDR fights the varied faces of injustice, such as government abuse of authority and power, discrimination, corporate abuse, and fraud. HDR is dedicated and committed to helping ensure the dignity and self-worth of human beings are upheld and strengthened within a variety of legal and social contexts. We help create positive change within entire systems as well as creating change for thousands of induvial lives.

Cases We Handle

Our cases often involve government officials or large corporate entities. We have handled cases concerning a corporate/government entity that has engaged in stock market manipulation that seriously harmed small business owners as well as those promoting and condoning unconstitutional discrimination to the detriment of people's pride, work ethic, and livelihood. Consequently, HDR Law’s moral alignment, within a law and policy context, is to advance the full realization of the founding principles of the United States’ republican form of democracy and promote the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution “to extend to the previously excluded its promise of equality and justice for all.”

As a boutique law firm, we focus on a few practices areas that are commensurate with the talent of our team:

For more on these practice areas, please see our sections dedicated to each.

Advocating for Human Rights

We are passionate about preserving and promoting individuals’ inherent dignity and self-worth by confronting and defeating the injustices facing them.

Why Hire HDR Law?

  • Flexible & Affordable

    Our team offers cost-effective solutions to your legal matters as well as video consultations for your safety and convenience.

  • Multilingual Representation

    Our team is multilingual and serves our clients in English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

  • License to Practice

    Mario Williams, the President of HDR, is licensed to practice law in Virginia, New York, and Georgia. He litigates cases in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Alabama, Florida, Washington, D.C., and Texas.

  • Multiple Locations

    We have offices in Washington, D.C., Georgia, and Virginia. We litigate cases across the country, from Alabama to Wisconsin and every state in between.

  • A Boutique Law Firm

    We focus on areas where our team has proven results: constitutional/civil law cases, commercial litigation, with a focus on arbitration clauses, contract disputes and fraud cases, and employment law.

  • Dedicated Attorneys

    Our firm is committed to ensuring that the dignity and self-worth of all peoples are upheld and strengthened within a variety of legal and social contexts.

  • Q: What is a class action lawsuit?

    A: Class action suits are a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people represented by one or more people. You may have heard about these through media like TV or radio ads reaching out for others to join. Everyone who joins must believe they were wronged by the defendant; however, only the lead plaintiff is required to represent the group in court. If the case is won by the plaintiff, then awards go to everyone in the class, which can be distributed equally or in differing amounts. 

  • Q:What is considered aggravated assault?

    A:Aggravated assault in Georgia is defined as assault that is committed with:

  • Q:Do I need a wrongful termination lawyer?

    A:Any time you believe that you have lost your job due to an unlawful reason, a lawyer can help you identify where you were wronged and stand up for your rights. Employment laws vary by state, so it can be overwhelming trying to do your research online. Speaking to a lawyer one on one is the easiest way to find if you have a case. HDR attorneys can help you with all circumstances surrounding wrongful termination, from reporting sexual harassment to employee discrimination and more.

  • Q:What is severance pay?

    A:Severance pay is compensation that is granted to employees after termination and sometimes bundled with other benefits. Not all companies provide severance pay, and in the majority of circumstances, they are not obligated to. It is also only given to employees who have not left on their own volition. However, there are circumstances where employees are entitled to severance pay if the employer has promised it in the form of a contract or policy handbook.

  • Q:What are whistleblowers?

    A:If you have exposed illegal activity within an organization to a supervisor or governmental agency, typically where you work, you are considered a whistleblower. You also have legal protections in our service areas of Georgia and Washington D.C. It is illegal for your employee to retaliate against you. If you’re uncertain whether you would be considered a whistleblower or if your employer has directed retaliatory action toward you, the lawyers at HDR Law Firm are here to help.

  • Q:How many cases of police brutality are recorded every year?

    A:The data around police brutality is difficult to interpret. A lot of would-be guilty verdicts never come to light because of the fear around standing up against law enforcement. Not to mention, we hear many disheartening cases in the media that don’t receive proper justice, and it's understandable to feel hesitant about taking legal action.

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