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Do you believe your constitutional rights have been violated? Whether you’re seeking monetary or non-monetary forms of justice, our expert constitutional law attorneys can help you fight for your rights.

Do I Need a Constitutional Lawyer?

The rights granted to you by the Constitution may cover a broad array of interpretations, especially with changing times. A lawyer can represent you, most likely in court, if you feel that your constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech or the right to bear arms, have been violated.

Some common examples of constitutional law that might require legal counsel include interpretations of:

  • The right to exercise freedom of speech
  • The right to exercise freedom of religion
  • The right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment
  • The right to vote
  • The right to due process
  • The right to engage on freedom contract, and the correlated statutory right to be free from monopolistic practices
  • The right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure

Depending on whether you’re looking for monetary and/or non-monetary forms of justice, you’ll be facing a different timeline and process. Our constitutional law team can give you a better understanding of what your legal process might look like and how long it could take.

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What Do We Do as Constitutional Lawyers?

We deal mainly with the interpretation and implementation of the rights, rules, and amendments outlined in the United States Constitution. Constitutional law is often applied to cases that are argued in federal courts, including the Supreme Court. We examine what the U.S. Constitution means today and what its limitations are regarding your specific case.

As social and political issues change and develop in the United States, constitutional lawyers must bring these issues to the courts to ask for clarification about the meaning, interpretation, and enforcement of the founding doctrine in a continuously changing society.

If you believe your constitutional rights are being infringed, our attorneys can examine every alternative interpretation of the constitutional text in relation to your infringed rights. When a case hinged on constitutional law comes up in the courts, the arguments presented by the lawyers for both sides will focus on exactly how a particular phrase in the Constitution ought to be interpreted and applied. An experienced constitutional lawyer in Atlanta can help defend your rights guarded by the appropriate interpretation of the text.

Why Choose HDR Law's Constitutional Attorneys?

At HDR Law, the U.S. Constitution provides the basis and focus of our work. Both the law and justice matter to us in equal weight, so it is our duty as constitutional law attorneys to uphold the U.S. Constitution and use it to protect our clients’ rights.

The Social Impact of Our Work

Constitutional lawyers are often involved in civil rights cases that involve advocating for social policy and legislative changes. Consequently, our team often advocates outside the courtroom to seek systemic change that will halt unlawful practices that represent a pattern throughout a city, county, or state. In this respect, our work in constitutional law has the potential to profoundly impact society, as some of the most influential changes in American law have resulted from constitutional cases in court.

Whether you are a small business owner concerned about your rights against monopolistic practices (antitrust), an inmate with a right to medical treatment, a free citizen falsely arrested or subject to an officer’s use of excessive force, or an immigrant whose international human rights have been infringed, our constitutional lawyers are here to help.

HDR Law cares about the fight for justice, and we care about your fight for justice.

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