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Discrimination Lawyers in GA Fighting Against All Forms of Unfair Treatment at Work & in Public Life

Do you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace or in the public sphere? If so, you should seek experienced legal counsel to defend your rights and bring forth a case of discrimination. It is illegal for employers to treat workers unfairly based on a protected class. This includes hiring, firing, demoting, transferring, and reducing pay for workers.

Our attorneys at HDR Law have a wide array of experience in various types of discrimination law, including cases of discrimination based on race, sex, age, and retaliation claims. Speak with us as soon as possible if you think you'll need a lawyer for being treated unfairly at work.

Forms of Discrimination

Workplace discrimination can occur in different forms. In some cases, the treatment may be blatant, but it can be subtle in others. Our discrimination attorneys in Atlanta have the legal and practical experience to prove discrimination, even in subtle and less obvious situations.

  • Direct discrimination: When someone treats you differently due to your protected characteristic (race, age, gender, etc.).
  • Indirect discrimination: If the protected class as a group is subjected to discrimination or disadvantaged by policies (such as a dress code prohibiting hairstyles specific to a race).
  • Discrimination by association: If an individual is treated unfairly based on their association with someone (such as being fired for marrying someone of a certain race).

If you are experiencing disparate treatment from your employer, keep evidence of any interactions and adverse actions, and contact our discrimination attorneys immediately.

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Racial Discrimination

As the Supreme Court stated, “[t]he way to end racial discrimination is to stop discriminating by race.” If only it were that easy. If you face any form of racial discrimination, know that you have a right to sue a person or organization for discriminating against you. Our racial discrimination lawyers in Atlanta uphold the civil and human rights of all Americans, and we ensure our clients are appropriately treated under the country’s anti-discrimination laws.

In a past case, our racial discrimination attorneys represented Lt. Joyner against high-ranking officials at a large and prominent police department. Lt. Joyner is Caucasian, and he was the victim of a policy of racial discrimination in his workplace. His police department habitually replaced an existing high-ranking official with an officer of the same race as the exiting official. In Joyner’s case, the existing official was African-American, so his position was filled by an African-American officer despite the fact that Joyner appeared to be more qualified, both practically and technically. The same has happened in the reverse situation, where African-American officers have lost out on positions they deserved solely because the exiting official was Caucasian.

This is only one of many examples of racial discrimination, as such injustice can occur beyond the workplace and can happen in public. Our racial discrimination firm in Atlanta has experience fighting against racial discrimination wherever it appears, and we are prepared to provide significant counsel to your case at hand.

Discrimination of Sex

Cases of discrimination based on sex are complicated. However, with our team at HDR Law they are also winnable. We have represented both women and men who have been victims of sex discrimination. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your sex, contact us today. Whether you are still considering your legal options or are ready to pursue monetary or non-monetary justice, our experienced discrimination attorneys can speak with you to discuss your case.

An example of one of our clients is a law enforcement officer with years of qualified experience in the field of sex trafficking who was not eligible for a high-ranking position in his division because the position had traditionally only been given to women, despite our client having more experience and qualifications.

HDR Law also takes on same-sex harassment claims. As the Supreme Court has said, “We see no justification in the statutory language or our precedents for a categorical rule excluding same-sex harassment claims from the coverage of Title VII.” Whether you have been discriminated against based on your sex or harassed by someone of the same sex, our discrimination attorneys can fight for your case against such discriminatory treatment.

Discrimination of Age

In 2009, the Supreme Court clarified that to prove a case of age discrimination, a claimant must show that age was the "but-for" cause of the discriminatory act. The “but-for” test means that but for the action, the result would not have happened. If you feel you have been discriminated against based on your age, contact our legal team to examine your case and build your defense strategy.

Retaliation Claims

Although retaliation claims are a form of discrimination, these claims have a different legal approach than general discrimination cases and thus require a knowledgeable Atlanta lawyer who understands the distinction.

Whereas discrimination claims are based on belonging to a protected class of persons, retaliation claims more often deal with punishment for engaging in a protected activity. Much broader in scope, retaliation claims might occur in the context of:

  • Exercising free speech
  • Exercising freedom of religion
  • Expressing views on matters of public concern (such as whistleblowing on unlawful conduct)

Furthermore, retaliation claims differ depending on whether you were employed at the time of your employer’s retaliation against you or whether you were a free citizen at the time that a government official retaliated against you.

The analysis of a retaliation case requires an experienced attorney. For example, there is a concept called “mixed-motive discrimination” in which, depending on the circumstances, a government official could admit that their retaliatory actions were based in part on protected constitutional activity, which lets them get away with retaliating against you. In this case, you should work with a knowledgeable discrimination attorney to address these nuances of your case.

We Advocate for You

Discrimination law is a complicated arena, and to fight successfully you must have both an experienced lawyer and a firm with the resources and willingness to back you through the end of your case. This could mean wrapping up a case quickly or fighting for years. Regardless, you can trust our discrimination lawyers in GA to take care of your case and fight passionately for your rights as an American citizen.

Contact us at HDR Law for a case evaluation. We can be reached online or by phone at (720) 547-9211.


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