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Case Results

  • Garrett v. Shoupe

    Middle District of Tennessee - $250,000 settlement on behalf of 13 women suffering from drug addiction who were targeted by a modern-day eugenics program that offered 30 days reduction in jail time in exchange for Nexplanon injection to eradicate the possibility of them giving birth. TN legislators followed our suit and passed a law banning this practice throughout the state.

  • Kinlaw v. Nwaokocha

    Eastern District of Virginia - 1.4-million-dollar jury verdict due to prison officials denying adequate treatment for a former prisoner's broken finger.

  • Daugherty v. Hurst

    Southern District of Alabama - 2.5-million-dollar settlement against former Mobile police officer regarding the use of deadly force against an African American teenager who died as a result.

  • Lofton v. Dobbins

    Middle District of Tennessee - $400,000 settlement on behalf of a former prisoner who was placed in solitary confinement because of his disability.

  • Ray v. Roane

    Western District of Virginia - obtained a published opinion by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, reversing a lower court decision with respect to a police officer fatally shooting our client's dog in the head. (This case is ongoing.)

  • Riggleman v. Clarke

    Western District of Virginia - secured Hepatitis C treatment for our client against Virginia Department of Corrections’ vigorous opposition. Our client is cured. Since our multiple lawsuits challenging VDOC’s policies of treating prisoners with Hep C, the Department of Corrections has significantly changed its policies and has implemented a plan to treat thousands of prisoners.