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Suing for Discrimination

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An employee can face discrimination based on many different factors — their race, religion, age, physical disability, or more. That’s why many employees who feel they have been the victim of discrimination consider taking legal action against their employer.

Suing for discrimination can be a complex process, and employees need to understand their rights before filing any paperwork.

Actions Employees Can Take

An employee should keep a few things in mind if they want to sue for discrimination. First, they will need to prove that discrimination occurred. This can be difficult, as employers often have legitimate reasons for their actions. However, if the employee can show that discrimination was a factor in their treatment, they may have a case. Employees should try to document any evidence including any instances where they were treated differently than others in similar situations.

Second, an employee will need to decide what type of damages they are seeking. In some cases, being awarded monetary damages may not be enough. They may also want to consider suing for reinstatement or a change in company policy.

Finally, an employee should determine whether they want to file a lawsuit or pursue an alternative dispute resolution. Often, employers are willing to settle out of court if they believe that they may lose a discrimination lawsuit.

The benefits of settling out of court for a discrimination lawsuit include :

  • Avoiding having to go to court;
  • The overall process is handled promptly;
  • The costs are usually less expensive; and,
  • The employee potentially maintains an amicable relationship with their employer.

When to Contact an Employment Law Attorney

If you are considering suing for discrimination, it is crucial to speak with an experienced employment attorney who can help you understand your rights and options. The team at HDR Law is available to discuss your options and will look out for your best interests. Reach out to our knowledgeable employment lawyers today at (404) 341-4434